Linen Ribbed Top


The material is soft, airy, giving you a comfortable feeling in the daily activities. Handy t-shirts can be worn with many different types of clothing such as jeans, …
Sleeve length: Short sleeves
Texture: Slippery
Collar: Round neck

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High-grade autumn sportswear. Material Cotton 4-dimensional elastic elastic, soft and cool. Simple design, young style for dynamic girlfriend. With high-end winter sportswear, girlfriends can comfortably use the city for a leisurely walk or at home.

Ancient ball-bed dress flip V-neck design, short sleeves stylized gracefully, rhythmic, showing a full round, bear the charming but discreet back-skirts, easily move, stand up and sit Roof, use of cool chiffon fabric material, soft light, easy to wash, quick dry

– Dress in shape, hug, elegant waist, modern, embellished, create a charming curve.
– V-neck, short sleeves stylized gracefully, rhythm, showing off a full circle, helping the face slimmer.
– Material of cool sandy chiffon fabric, soft, easy to wash, quick dry.
– A charming but discreet back skirt, easy to move, stand up and sit comfortably.
– The dot pattern is easy to wear, difficult to wear.
– Lock the back and back firmly, discreetly and conveniently.
– Road only meticulous sewing, cleverly honoring the subtlety of products.
Fabric: Other
Sleeve length: Short sleeves
Texture: Slippery
Collar: Round neck


Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Violet, Yellow


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